We provide a wide range of software solutions and development services. Including end to end project development, Integrations of third party Applications to software solutions, like Google cloud services and other cloud APIs. Payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe and others. Following is a brief overview of our capabilities, talk to us to learn more how we be part of your development process.

Cloud Software Services
Learn more about our Solution Packages

  • Portfolio Management System
  • Portfolio Analytics and Visualization
  • Data Visualization
  • Financial Dashboards

  • SPAs
  • SaaS Solutions
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Web Development Solutions

  • Hybrid App development
  • React Native App development

Cloud Software Development services

  • ERP Solutions
  • CRM Solutions

Custom Solutions for Desktop Software

Windows OS desktop applications developed with Microsoft Technologies.

  • Data Analytics
  • Data visualization services


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Learn more about our Services/Micro Solutions and technology implementations

Third Party API Integrations

Payment Gateways

OAuth Integration

Map APIs

Embedded Software Development

D3JS Data Visualization

Twitter API

Alibaba Cloud APIs

How we can work for you?

We charge for the solution developed according to your specifications, the cost is dependent on the technology required for the solution, size of team required and number of man hours. You don't need to worry about cost escalation or team management. Team management, deadlines, planning all are our responsibility. Talk to us, to get the process started.

Research & Solution Proposal
Development Cycle
Testing & UAT
Brief solution stack

React has gained a lot of popularity, developed by Facebook, it allows for faster web applications user interface and allows for faster deployment time. Our team can deliver web applications using React for UI development delivering am optimal solution.

Excellent choice for data visualization, D3JS is immensely powerful data visualization tool, We can deliver custom Visualizations and charts tailored to your data.


We have decades of developing C++ based solutions. C++ solutions provide performance and are capable of efficiently handle huge volumes of data. Along with Nvidia CUDA which is designed to process massive amounts of data using GPUs and is being widely used in Neural Networks, Deep learning and image processing.

Our team can develop website backend solutions in nodeJS.

.Net Framework, ASP .Net

We have years of experience in .Net Framework, We develop desktop applications and ASP .Net based web solutions. Mixing and matching other technologies to best fit the project needs.

We have experience with Scala, used for processing big data sets, perform analytical data transforms and generate desired data conclusions.

MongoDB is widely used for all sorts of applications, it's flexible storage technology makes it well suited for your data needs.

Neo4j is a graph database, essential for solving problems which work with non relational datasets. It allows for definition of relations between nodes and identification and traversal of nodes.

Plugins for digital signal processing, filtering, post processing for Software Defined Radios.


Call us: +1-949-885-9130