Software projects come with their unique challenges. We match the requirements with the best suited language and development frameworks. Our capabilities and experience with wide range of languages and frameworks include the widely used ones. Some of the commonly used frameworks and technologies we are experienced in are

Big data encompasses a long list of technologies, depending on the need we will find the best fit to solve the problem at hand and deliver a cost effective solution.

React has gained a lot of popularity, developed by Facebook, it allows for faster web applications user interface and allows for faster deployment time. Our team can deliver web applications using React for UI development delivering am optimal solution.

D3JS is immensely powerful data visualization tool, We can deliver custom Visualizations and charts tailored to your data.

Frontend technology stack for general purpose web solutions.

We have decades of developing C++ based solutions. C++ solutions provide performance and are capable of efficiently handle huge volumes of data. Along with Nvidia CUDA which is designed to process massive amounts of data using GPUs and is being widely used in Neural Networks, Deep learning and image processing.

Our team can develop website backend solutions in nodeJS.

We have years of experience in .Net Framework, We develop desktop applications and ASP .Net based web solutions. Mixing and matching other technologies to best fit the project needs.

We have experience with Scala, used for processing big data sets, perform analytical data transforms and generate desired data conclusions.

MongoDB is widely used for all sorts of applications, it's flexible storage technology makes it well suited for your data needs.