Our team works closely with industry-leading software experts in order to acheive high-performance and high-quality software solutions.

Software Development Outsourcing

Whether you are non-tech or well-established software company, we can support you at any phase of your software development project. With 19+ years of experience, we can help you prepare the detailed design of the whole system and implement all the needed features.

Nearshore and offshore outsourcing

We have been in the business of nearshore and offshore software development since 2011, with competitive development cost and quality. We strive for best quality and meet the cost and timeline goals. Our team follows best IT practices and will guide the clients in the wide technological landscape.

Depending on your needs, our experts can advise you what technology should be used and then we help you take your product from idea to fully functional software solution using best IT practices.

Dedicated team

Once we identify best technologies for your project, we put together a dedicated team consisting of industry-leading software quality assurance experts exclusively for you. You take advantage of:

19+ years of our experience in software industry.

Specialists in every technologies.

Lesser time and cost for development of your project.

Best IT practices.

Outsourcing team

Everyday communication

Everyday communication

Good communication can cut through the flood of information that bombards clients in a world of constant connectivity. Before communicating with our clients we do research on client needs and best way of making him understand.

All our employees communicate fluently in English. For staff and team meeting we use some of the best tool like Skype, Uber Conference and Slack. We organize whole-team meetings where we can see each other in the camera and where everyone can say 'Hello!'.

Transparency of the process

Transparency is one of the Agile pillars and we are aware that it is essential for our clients. We make sure that all teams in our company work transparently.

The clients can always track project progress on Jira, Assembla or any other issue and project tracking tool.


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