We provide a wide range of software solutions and development services. Including end to end project development, Integrations of third party Applications to software solutions, like Google cloud services and other cloud APIs. Payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe and others. Folowing is a brief overview of our capabilities, talk to us to learn more how we be part of your development process.


Big Data Services, Analytics and visualization

The field of Data Analytics is very diverse and has a wide range of applications. This can include anything from finance to social media management, sentiment analysis, or financial data processing for portfolio management. We provide data analytics services to extract the information you require from the data. Custom visualizations,


Cloud Software Development services

Lyrid.io Zetatek is a proud implementation partner for Lyrid.io cloud . We provide cloud development services based on Lyrid.io architecture. Lyrid gives you independence from a specific cloud solution and allows you to deploy with ease. Advantages of Lyrid Code Once, Deploy Anywhere Lyrid's solution can take care


Web Development and Design

Web Development and Design We provides web application development, Single Page Applications (SPAs) and Web Site development, data design for enterprise and back office applications. We provide full stack development with our team of developers. ReactJS Web Development, Single Page Applications (SPAs) ReactJS based Web Application development services, Single Page