Web Development, SaaS and Web Apps

We have expertise in developing Web Applications or Web Apps, with browser based UI using ReactJS and backend like ASP.Net, Node, Express etc...

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Mobile Apps Development

Levereging the latest in mobile apps development trends, we are able to create cross platform Apps for both iOS and Android with React Native...

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Desktop Software Development

We develop Windows Desktop applications, using both native (C/C++) based applications and .Net Desktop Applications. We also have ability in server side software...

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Big Data Analytics & Data Visualization

Big data solutions invlove a wide range of services which make up the big data ecosystem. There is an increased need for Data Analytics & Data visualizations with the rise of Big Data. Data can be visualized in custom visualizations using standard low level libs like D3JS, chartsJS and many others

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Software Development Outsourcing

Our team works closely with industry-leading software experts in order to acheive high-performance and high-quality software solutions.

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SDR software & plugins

Plugins for digital signal processing, filtering, post processing for Software Defined Radios.

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